Paris Cutler

Paris Cutler is a Business Strategist and Coach, Media Personality, Author, Speaker, Co-Founder of Career Crowd Thinkers and the vivacious industry-changing former CEO of Planet Cake. With a mandate to inspire, challenge industry norms and support other leaders she is currently writing her sixth book ‘Business Wisdom from someone who Baked & Fried.’ Before becoming an entrepreneur, she worked in stockbroking and recruitment.

Paris started her coaching business in 2019 based on organic demand from friends and business owners that approached her for strategy advice and mentoring. Paris’ skill as an entrepreneur and talent in sales, marketing, and brand creation ensure her clients gain a competitive advantage in their respective businesses and fields. Paris helps clients identify their heart mission and create a career or business with meaning which aligns with their mission, values, strengths and goals.

Together with business partner Henry Roth, Paris launched Career Crowd Thinkers™ in 2018 as a, not for profit social enterprise that actively supports 40+ career professionals. CCT runs a series of workshops and information seminars for clients to gain new skills and up to date information on the requirements of the modern day job market.  Career Crowd Thinkers’ mission is to impact on the 40+ unemployed and underemployed job seeker positively and re-equip those aged over 40 in the evolving global marketplace.

Before CCT Paris bought Planet Cake in 2003 as a tiny cake shop, which she then transformed into Australia’s #1 cake decorating brand and first choice for celebrities, appearing on Masterchef three times and across a multitude of media both television and print. She launched her cake school in 2004 which went on to become the largest hobbyist school in the southern hemisphere and taught over 6000 students producing some of the world’s most recognisable cake stars. 

Paris has published five cake decorating books translated into seven languages and sold worldwide. In 2011 she and her team had their reality TV show ‘Planet Cake’ hosted by the Lifestyle Food Show on Foxtel and subsequently shown in over 20 countries. In 2012 she won an Astra Award for her TV show and was a finalist for Ernst & Young’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award. Paris has been a regular commentator, and keynote speaker on small business, sales, marketing, and brand creation.


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