Paris Cutler

Paris Cutler started out in stock broking where she learnt the art of dodging the Gary gropers of that world, then became a law student, went into recruitment and then got married to a Venture Capitalist. It was the wedding that caused her to, eight years later, have 20 staff, a business that has revenues of over 2.5 million dollars per annum, four books sold globally, an eight part TV series, the largest cake decorating school in the southern hemisphere, a huge celebrity following and a licensing deal with the BBC Worldwide.

After producing works of art for Nicole Kidman, Celine Dion, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, John Travolta and Lady Gaga.  Planet Cake was soon on the radar for blue ribbon clients, ASX100 companies and luxury brands such as Tom Ford Beauty, launching new products.

In 2012, Paris along with the Planet Cake team had their own TV show ‘Planet Cake’ hosted by Lifestyle Food network; the show became one of the networks highest rating shows for the year and has now been shown in over 30 countries around the world. As a result Planet Cake was awarded an Astra Award for Best Lifestyle Program in 2012. Paris has written four books Planet Cake a Guide for Beginners, Planet Cake Cupcakes, Planet Cake Celebrate and Planet Cake Kids all published by Murdoch Books and now translated into 7 different languages. She has a much anticipated fifth book ‘Planet Cake Love and Friendship’ due for release in October 2015.

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