Claudia Pickering

Claudia Pickering is an Australian writer, director & actor. Claudia is currently in pre production to direct the inaugural Wentworth Podcast Series for Fremantle and Audible

A triple threat…Claudia’s portfolio, consisting of web series, shorts and features, blur the boundaries of filmmaking and highlight how versatile & successful her career has been so far.

Claudia’s debut feature film Frisky enjoyed enormous success in the US and Canada gathering multiple nominations and awards at many film festivals across the territories. She also completed a Director’s Attachment on Bad Mothers, produced by Jungle Entertainment.

Pickering directed web series Resting Pitch Face starring Nakkiah Lui (Black Comedy), Bridie Connell (Tonightly) and Emily Havea (Bell Shakespeare). She won the 2015 Tropfest Tropvine competition with a stop-motion animation of a giraffe telling a dad joke; was shortlisted for Tropfest 2015 with her dark comedy about food fraud Potluck Starring Adam Spencer (Sleek Geeks) and Emma Leonard (800 Words); and regularly creates sketches with her comedy troupe, Frothpocalypse.

Cheetah Airways, a six-part online series recently received development funding from Screen Australia. Claudia, fresh off the back of her web series Resting Pitch Facewill write, direct and produce this project. She will be joined by the Forthpocalypse team, Emma Leonard as writer/producer and Prudence Vindin as writer,


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