Claudia Pickering is an Australian writer, director & actor.

A triple threat…Claudia’s extraordinary portfolio, consisting of web series, shorts and features, blur the boundaries of film making and highlight how versatile & successful her career has been so far.

Claudia started her career as an actor which lead to writing comedy sketches. She has written, produced, directed and performed in multiple projects, with many more in the pipeline including feature films and television projects that are currently in script development.

Earlier this year, Claudia’s debut feature film Frisky enjoyed enormous success in the US and Canada gathering multiple nominations and awards at many film festivals across the territories. A born film maker, Frisky was Written, Directed, Produced by Pickering and also saw her play a leading role. The future of the Frisky world is bright with Jungle now going in to development with Pickering on the characters and world she created. Creator of the FreshFlix Film Festival, various short films, web series and other projects, Claudia also has feature and television projects in various stages of development.

In 2016 she was a partner in creating and organising the Freshflix Film Festival which, along with the Emerging Filmmakers’ Conference, was apart of the 2017 Vivid Ideas, in Sydney. Following on from the success of Vivid, Freshflix teamed up with AiF in Los Angeles in October, to present their Emerging Filmmaker Conference at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.